Advantages of Outsourcing Your Laundry

May 30

Housekeeping and laundry are two of the most important and most common functions of hotels and spas here in Singapore, yet they are often left at the bottom of the priority list. Today, we’ll look at how outsourcing your laundry and dry cleaning can benefit your business.

When deciding to outsource laundry service, the quality of work and the cost is often the most important factors to keep in mind. Whether you have a 50-storey hotel with over 500 staff or a five-room inn with no more than 20 personnel, linen and towel washing and uniform laundry are among the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks you need to face every single day. Keeping your staff—and even yourself—motivated in doing this job can be difficult, especially if there are a lot of other tasks demanding for your attention.

To lessen the burden, entrust your laundry works to a good shirt and pants cleaning firm or a commercial laundry services company. These professionals can do dry cleaning, wash and fold, laundry for spa, laundry pick up and laundry delivery all for your convenience, as well as provide you these advantages that your business will surely benefit from.

• Reduction in operational costs
Savings on capital expenses eases the financial pressure during off-peak seasons. It also makes your business look attractive to the eyes of the investors, opening the doors to further business expansion of hotel facilities.

• Focus on running your business
Whether you are a manager or an owner of a business, it’s easy to overload yourself with tasks across the different departments of the establishment. Partnering with a 24 hour laundry in Singapore gives you and your staff more time to take care of other more important tasks.

• Save on utilities
Taking advantage of laundry service companies here in Singapore will get the laundry task off of the untrained staff for the job, which can otherwise result to inefficient use of water and electricity.

• Guaranteed quality
Dry cleaning and doing the linen and uniform laundry may seem basic, but due to the task’s monotony, it’s hard to retain in-house staff to do the job. And if you really want to maintain an in-house laundry team, you need to invest some time to train them; unfortunately, you do not have the luxury of time to do that. Instead of having to return from scratch every single time, why not work with commercial laundry services that can do laundry pick up and laundry delivery for you? No more training needed, and you can always guarantee superior quality of work.

Commercial laundry services may seem like an additional cost for businesses, but really it is the other way around. Especially if you are in the hospitality industry, nothing beats superior laundry quality when it comes to providing optimum cleanliness for your hotel’s facilities.

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