300 Push-ups a Day

May 14

What happens to your body when you do 300 push-ups a day? Well, exercise as awe all know is a very healthy thing to do every single day as it does not only improve our performance and the condition of our body but it also keeps our body strong and healthy, ready for whatever lies ahead. One thing we do not always realize is that growth is part of life and if we are not growing towards improvement, we are growing in reverse as we become weaker and weaker the more we do not take care of our bodies.

Discipline may be a hard thing to cultivate if you are only starting but the more you practice discipline, the more disciplined you actually get. Most people think that the more you practice discipline, your discipline depletes and you end up becoming less disciplined than you actually were, this theory is definitely wrong. Being able to keep yourself disciplined is a hard thing to do. You see, consistency is not a sexy word, but it is very effective. Without consistency, we would hardly be able to move anywhere forward and would be stuck just where we are. Growth does not always happen when you sprint into doing something new, sometimes growth happens when you do one thing countless times until you have mastered it. The more you do something over and over again, the less of an effort you have to extend for you to actually do it.

Doing 300 push-ups a day may be a hard thing to do at the start because your body is still rejecting the change in lifestyle. The trick is to not think of the task too much but then actually just do it. At first, it would be really hard to do 300 push-ups straight which is why we suggest that you divide your 300 pus-ups into 100 push-ups thrice a day. If you have a hard time with 100 push-ups, you can divide it into three sets. The first set would be 50 push-ups, the second set would be 30 push-ups and the last set would be composed of 20 push-ups.

Once you’ve started doing that for over a week, you can start adjusting your workout into twice a day with 70 push-ups for the first set, 50 push-ups for the second set, and 30 push-ups for the last set. This might still be a challenge but hey, the point of doing push-ups is to improve right?

Push-ups aren’t just good for your body but also a great way for you to improve your discipline. The more important thing to be cultivated is discipline because without the necessary discipline, you won’t be able to improve different skills.

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