Beauty Wonders of Charcoal

Oct 21


What is the best thing that happened to charcoal? For mothers, they use charcoal to eliminate foul smell but for beauty conscious men and women, charcoal has become a modern skincare treatment. Actually charcoal is a big hit in the beauty industry not only here in Singapore but around the world. In fact, many people now consider it as an “it” ingredient for perfect looking skin.


Do not be fooled though. Charcoal that applies to beauty is not like the ones you use for barbequing. Charcoals used for beauty is called activated charcoal. These activated charcoals are treated for better skincare management. Here are the things that you need to know about activated charcoal.

What makes charcoal so special? Charcoal attaches itself to toxins and absorbing it before the body does. When charcoals are added to beauty products, it will serve as a mini magnet that can attract oil and dirt. When you rinse, the dirt and oil will be washed away together with the charcoal. What is the best thing about charcoal? It is considered an all-natural element therefore it is safe to be ingested (not that you are encouraged to ingest it).

Here are the wonders of charcoal:


  1. It can detoxify the skin: For charcoals to totally absorb oil and dirt, it needs to be in contact with the impurities. You have to know that the longer it sits on your face or any surface, the better it is for your skin.
  2. It can improve hair volume: Aside from facial care, charcoals can be your solution to hair volume. Charcoal can be your dry shampoo. Charcoals are effective shampoo since it can absorb oil.
  3. It can reduces pores: Aside from detoxifying the skin, activated charcoals can in fact remove dead skin cells as well as oil which make your pores look bigger.
  4. It can minimize bloating: It was said earlier that charcoals are all-natural meaning it is safe for ingestion. With this, you can actually ingest it thereby detoxifying the system. As the particles of charcoal pass in your system, it can attract toxins as well.
  5. It can protect you from pollutants: If you are facing pollutants every day, it is time that you consider the wonders of charcoal. There are masks that you can consider. These masks will act as a magnet to attract pollutants thus leaving your skin dirt and oil free.

Many people underestimate charcoals because of its dark and ugly appearance but you have to remember that the appearance far outweighs its beauty benefits.


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