Advice to Aspiring Writers

May 08

Writing is one of the oldest jobs in history. It has been used by scribes, artists and philosophers in the past. Until now, writing is one of the prime needs when it comes to skills in jobs. One needs it in professional life. While others use writing for their jobs, some use it for self-expression and arts. Whether it is for arts or something objective, there are certain needs for one to be a good writer.


If you want to be a good writer, make sure that you are also a good reader. What does it take to be a good reader? Have an author that you will look up to and vow to read as much as you can. Apart from this, also make sure that you read a wide array of books written by a wide array of writers. Great writers need to get lost to all the types of writing because only on this can they find their own type of writing.


After getting lost on reading books, find yourself through practicing how to write. Start by keeping a journal and writing your daily activities, spur of the moment ideas and topics which you are interested in. At the end of the day, your practice writing will help you develop your own way or style of writing.

After developing your style of writing, also be updated to the writer of your generation and strive to be at par with them if not better than them. This behaviour will serve as a healthy challenge for you to be a great writer.


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