8 Tips to Care for Your Singing Voice

Sep 22

Singing, whether for fun or for profit, brings a lot of joy in your life. Which is why it’s important to keep your singing voice healthy all the time. So, do yourself and your voice a huge favour by practising the following vocal health care tips.


1. Maintain Proper Breathing Control and Good Posture While Singing

A good way to keep your singing voice healthy is to ensure that you maintain a neutral and upright posture and practise proper way of breathing while singing. Constantly practise basic and advanced breathing exercises during your Singapore vocal training to ensure that you’ll have better breath control and support as you perform. Through this, you’ll be able to produce better and clearer sounds.

2. Perform Vocal Warm-Ups Before Singing

Other than maintaining proper breath control and good posture, it’s also important that you perform vocal warm-ups before singing. Doing this prepares your vocal chords and diaphragm so that you’ll be able to produce the sounds that your song piece requires. A good and simple warm-up exercise that you can perform is singing high and low scales, or performing the song that you’ll be singing. Through this, you’ll be able to warm-up your voice and master your piece as well.

3. Observe Proper Diet and Exercise Regularly

There’s no better way to achieve a good singing voice than having a good health. Because when you fall ill, you’ll end up experiencing fatigue and sore throat, which will prevent you from training your voice or worse, prevent you from practising proper vocal technique in Singapore while singing, which can result to a damaged voice. So, keep yourself healthy and be mindful of the foods and drinks that you take to keep both your voice and body healthy.

4. Relax Your Neck and Throat Muscles While Singing

Tilting the head up and down when singing high and low notes are commonly observed on some singers, when in fact, it’s not the proper way to belt out such notes during your singing lessons from Singapore artists when it’s the time you need to be practicing the most. Doing this will only strain your vocal muscles and even limit the vocal range that you can sing. Prevent this by making it a habit to keep your neck and throat muscles relaxed as you sing. This will not just prevent vocal strains, it will also help make singing high and low notes a lot easier for you.


5. Avoid Frequently Clearing Your Throat

While it may not show some signs early on, frequently clearing your throat actually injures your vocal chords, making you sound hoarse when you sing. Remedy this habit by sipping some water to quench your urge to clear your throat. In case you feel a stronger urge to clear your throat, we suggest that you visit a doctor to check if you’re suffering from an acid reflux disease, or an allergy and sinus condition.

6. Reduce Speaking When in a Noisy Environment
Speaking loudly in an extremely noisy environment like crowded clubs or busy construction sites is a sure way to put too much strain on your voice. Avoid this by reducing your speaking time when around such environments. Also, it would be more beneficial for your voice if you continue practising your healthy singing habits in Singaopre even when you’re just talking.

7. Stay Hydrated

The importance of staying hydrated for a singer can’t be emphasized enough. When you’re singing or speaking, your vocal chords vibrates very fast and drinking enough water is the only way to keep them lubricated. Other than drinking water, you can also stay hydrated by consuming foods that contain large amount of water, such as watermelon, apples, pears, peaches, grapes and plums.

8. Take Vocal Naps Daily

While it’s important to constantly perform your vocal training routines, assuring that your voice gets enough rest is also essential. Remember that abusing your speaking voice directly affects your singing voice. Give your voice an ample time to rest especially after long periods of singing or speaking.

Practicing good singing voice care measures is essential regardless if you’re still attending music school in Singapore or is already an experienced singer. It’s important that you stay conscious about your health and lifestyle, because having a healthy body equates to developing a healthy singing voice.


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